''I had the absolute pleasure of attending one of Olivia's yoga classes this week and am keen to express my love, appreciation and recommendation for this amazing young yoga teacher. Yoga means ''unity'' and relates to the connection we all naturally have between our mind, body and spirit. Olivia's yoga class was the perfect blend of physical activity, mental relaxation and spiritual connection. It was a very well planned class with options for those more (or less) physically able, making Olivia's teaching suitable for all levels and all ages. Her voice and instruction was compassionate, nurturing and relevant.

Olivia is clearly well trained in her yoga practice and is enjoying the confidence and creativity that comes with experience.

I am a yoga teacher myself, yet the level of relaxation I felt after Olivia's class was greater than usual. I could really feel the benefits in my mind, body and soul. Just what the doctor ordered!

Thank you Olivia for sharing your love, light and yoga with us at 'Heal Yourself to Happiness Yoga and Energy Healing Retreats in Spain'. It was an honour and pleasure to work with you and I wish you so much love, success and joy with your yoga classes and other soulful endeavors.'

Deborah Jane Sutton

Owner at 'Deborah Jane Sutton' and 'Heal Yourself to Happiness'

''I have been doing over 65's Chair Yoga with Olivia for more than a year now. It's been an excellent experience! My general flexibility has improved and I'm better at standing on one leg too! The atmosphere is calm and there's a feeling of well-being at the end of the session. Altogether something I would recommend to anyone''

Katherine Williams

Over 65s Chair Yoga

''Olivia makes me feel very comfortable during our class. I had never done yoga before and have been very pleased with the yoga I have done with Olivia. I find she has a very reassuring teaching style.

Something that I really like about Olivia's class is that yoga is clearly something that she is passionate about and believes in the benefits of. She is keen to individualise the experience and make sure you get what you want from it.

She is welcoming and flexible about the format of the class (such as the music, more time for reflection, more physical etc)

As someone who has no previous experience, I would particularly recommend classes with Olivia if you are new to yoga or haven't done it for a while-perhaps if you're a bit nervous and don't know what to expect! She will put you at ease whilst teaching you the yoga skills you are looking for.''

Zoe Williams

Tooting, London

''I found Olivia's yoga amazing. Not only was she amazing with the teaching of Yoga, but she was kind and someone I connected with as a person too. I think yoga isn't just about being able to teach, it's also about creating a comfortable atmosphere, which she does with her love for yoga. Thank you Olivia x''

Parvinder Landa


''Olivia's yoga sessions are awesome- she is so knowledgeable and makes sessions fun and do-able (even for a novice like me!). I would highly recommend Olivia's yoga for anyone looking to improve their flexibility and strength and have fun at the same time :) ''

Katie H


''As a complete beginner to Yoga I thought one-to-one lessons would be the best way for me to begin. Olivia is a very committed teacher. She is encouraging and sensitive to the needs of the individual. I am not naturally supple and have found my flexibility has improved. Yoga is also providing a real sense of well-being. I am so glad I made the decision to start'' Lynette has been doing one-to-one Yoga sessions for almost a year now

Lynette Machon


''Olivia's Yoga sessions are always well-presented with clear guidance on poses, with alternatives given for different levels. Olivia has a calm voice that eases you through the session which you come out of feeling stronger but with a relaxed mind. Definitely recommend any age and ability to have a go.''

Tracy Setters


''I would really recommend Olivia's yoga classes! She is very calm and takes you through the poses in a way that is easy to understand. As I'm completely new to yoga I appreciate her easy-going style. I feel as though Olivia really caters to your needs and is thoughtful about the entire process.''

Grace T


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